About Us

KERATINWORKS™ was founded 6 years ago in order to create a product that provides the ultimate desired results yet making the health and safety of the stylist and the client our first priority. Hence we developed the KERATINWORKS™ Formaldehyde-Free Customizable Smoothing Treatment System for Professional use with hairstylists for hairstylists.

Our mission is two-fold:

  • Provide the best and safest keratin hair treatment innovation for women around the world to help them discover hair that fits their lifestyle.
  • Provide salons and stylists a customizable system which is easy to use, adaptable for all hair types, provides top results in the safest manner and creates an added revenue to grow their business.

Our ambition is to continue to educate stylists and salons on how they can immediately impact the success of their business while giving their clients the hair of their dreams.

We believe wholeheartedly in the quality and results of the product line we developed. Our commitment to customer service and technical support is our number one priority which sets us apart from our competitors. Our support doesn’t end with the purchase of our products, it carries through to ensure FULL customer satisfaction.